Clan Denny proudly holds specialist, rare and aged Single Grain Scotch Whiskies. As the distiller intended, it's bottled at cask strength and without colouring or chill filtration, affording the Whisky a rich, oily quality that's not unlike dessert wine. This particular expression has been aged for 20 glorious years in a single refill barrel at the North British Grain Distillery.

The Cask reference is DH293475

This fantastic aged Grain whisky opens super sweetly on the nose, like an old fashioned sweet shop, developing to vanilla and toffee tones with spiced, candied oranges. The palate reveals butterscotch with caramelised bananas, iced coconut, more spice and barley sugars. Combines a custard character with more toffee and lingering muscovado sugars

    Clan Denny North British 20y 1994 51%

    € 98,00Prijs