The cities of Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield form the Rhubarb Triangle - famous for producing plenty of delicious rhubarb for all manner of treats. In fact, That Boutique-y Gin Company's Rhubarb Triangle Gin is made exclusively with rhubarb sourced from this notorious area! They've balanced the classic tartness of the herbaceous perennial wonderfully, making it a top choice for refreshing cocktails and mixed drinks. We reckon that it'll be brilliant in puddings, too...


Nose: A real fresh, aromatic and earthy rhubarb jumps out of the glass immediately. There’s also a grassiness, citrus peel freshness and old-school boiled confectionery sweetness – Rhubarb & Custards!

Palate: The rhubarb’s tartness is tremendously mouthwatering – this ‘barb goes big! Then the sweetness comes through, not dissimilar to the sugar on top of a rhubarb crumble. There’s some sweet spices in there too, the earthiness of juniper, and a wash of citrus.

Finish: Long, juicy and pleasingly creamy.

    Gin That Boutique-Y Rhubarb Triangle 46%

    € 36,00Prijs