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The Kilchoman Comraich is a rather special release. You cannot buy this whisky by the bottle, as far as I know. But you can it at Kilchoman friendly bars. Here is the official blurb:

"Kilchoman Comraich is a global network of bars dedicated to the enjoyment of Kilchoman single malt. Here you will find the finest and widest range of Kilchoman single malts, including special Comraich bottlings exclusively available from Comraich sanctuaries."


Nose: Cool, peaty and restrained. I would say the bourbon barrels have the most influence on the nose. It is light and fruity, with a fair bit of the expected vanilla and icing sugar. Dried fruits linger just around the corner, too shy to make much of an appearance at this time. Raw sausages are being prepped by the chef. The meaty side slowly takes over more and more with time. Smoked, raw sausages. I'm hungry now!

Taste: Full-bodied and meaty through and through. Enter full-on Walking Dead-mode. I have flesh to eat! Thick and rich, lots of meaty flavors - again the smoked sausages, mixed with light sherry notes. Vanilla and sea salt in the back. Hints of meaty bouillon.

Finish: Medium to short finish. No further development, sadly. But that initial rush still makes me happy.

    Kilchoman Comraich Batch 2 55,3%