Bourbon has a solid legal definition. It has to have a minimum 51% corn (maize). Some distillers could see that as a barrier to creativity. For KOVAL however, it has inspired them to try out new things. Whereas the vast majority of bourbons use rye or wheat for the other 49%, KOVAL Single Barrel Bourbon whiskey uses millet. Millet is an ancient gluten-free cereal, one of the main foods in parts of Africa and Asia. This original and harmonious mix of corn and millet makes this Bourbon a unique and aromatic spirit. Only the heart cut of the distillate is used, to ensure the best quality. After distillation, the spirit is aged in a newly charred American oak barrel where it can age in peace, the flavours harmonising. Amber-coloured, KOVAL Bourbon has notes of cereals, peppery caramel, vanilla and fruit: mango chutney, and apricots. A light clove and tobacco finish.

    Koval Bourbon 47% 50cl

    € 45,00Prijs