Antony McCallum is een onafhankelijk bottelaar en voordat Anthony McCallum voor zichzelf begon heeft hij voor Glengoyne gewerkt.

Daarnaast is hij betrokken geweest bij de herintroductie van Tamdhu. Maar voornamelijk werkte hij voor Hart Brothers. De Chieftain reeks is een bekende serie van Ian Maclead Distillers. Voor deze reeks was Antony verantwoordelijk. De handtekening op die flessen is ook van hem. Daarnaast is hij 15 jaar verantwoordelijk geweest voor de Dun Bheagan bottelingen.
Uiteindelijk kroop het bloed niet waar het gaan kon en is hij zelfstandig verder gegaan.

House of McCallum is a new collection of Scotch Whiskies crafted by Antony McCallum, Malt Master, Blender & creator of exceptional whiskies, 24 years of experience in the whisky industry in Scotland.

Clan McCallum is one of the oldest noble clans in Scotland from the West Coast of Scotland. Our  ancestors can be traced back to some of the first Kings of Scotland. King Malcolm I, was the first King of Scotland to unite both tribes, the Picts and the Scots into one Kingdom in order to defend Scotland from the English Anglo-Saxon invasions.

House of McCallum is made up of two distinctive ranges: the Art of Whisky Collection & Auld Alliance Vintage Collection and the Art of Rum.

These are limited edition craft releases with selected casks for each new annual release. The full range is natural colour and unchill-filtered.

Why the 43.5% or the 46.5% for the vintages. These are my chosen strengths for the best balance to release the flavours of the spirit in each of the selections with a few higher strengths for some selected casks.  Why the .5. This is my signature and is based on numerology dating back to the origins of our family.

House of McCallum brands have been designed and sourced to minimise CO2 emissions by using local suppliers for the packaging, and working with recyclable materials for sustainability.

Where to buy

Mc o'Isles 2007 The Declaration of Arbroath 12 Year Old Blended Malt Scotch Whisky - 70cl, 46.2% vol.

Distilled and blended at Highland Park/Scapa on 30/10/07 and bottled after 12 years maturation and finished in Corton Renardes wine casks.

Limited edition bottling from the House of McCallum to celebrate 700 Years since the Declaration of Arbroath on the 6th April 1320. 

The Art commissioned for this limited relase of Mc o'Isles, is by Glasgow School of Art artist, Archibald Dunbar McIntosh and equally proud family member, of House of McCallum. The painting showcases the rich colours of Arbroath Harbour.

Distilled on Islay at Lagaland on 30/3/20 and bottled after 10 years maturation in American Bourbon barrels.

    Mccallum O'Isles 2007-12y Blend Orkney Malt 46,2%

    € 82,00Prijs