What originally started as an experiment for the English Whisky Co. has resulted in another addition to The English range - the Virgin Oak Cask expression! Whiskies matured in brand new oak can sometimes be particularly... Loud, some might say. This one, however, manages to show off all the creamy, nutty, chocolatey notes from the cask without loads of overpowering oak elements getting everywhere. There's still a hint of powerful oak, but it's restrained and works well with the heavy vanilla and nutty barley.


Nose: Toasted vanilla pod, coconut ice, ginger and a hint of caraway.

Palate: Full-bodied barley and almond liqueur notes, with nutmeg warmth growing. Yet more vanilla, now with some chocolate coffee notes developing.

Finish: Honey on toast, soft citrus and some final peppery touches.

    The English 2013 Virgin Oak 46%

    € 72,00Prijs