Located in Thurso, this is the Northern most distillery on the UK mainland. Based around a long lost distillery that ended around 1850, this new Wolfburn reopened in 2013. 

This is a private release for Swiss wine and whisky merchants, Alexander Weine & Destillate. The bottle celebrates 16th century Swiss physician and zoologist, Conrad Gessner, who's Wolf woodcut from 17th century publication 'History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents' is the basis for the Wolfburn logo.


Colour: straw.

Nose: a pretty similar profile, with this creamy barleyness, the overripe pears, all the syrups, the discreet feintiness (an asset actually, or it won’t further age gracefully)… and whiffs of porridge from a good house. All fine. With water: barley and fudge, plus preserved peaches and pears. What I really enjoy a lot is that the vanilla is kept at bay. Remember, vanilla kills spirits (I think).

Mouth (neat): full-flown youth with perfect pastry-like flavours, Danishes, syrups, peach jam… With water: great. Hay, pears, apples, creamy barley. Love the taste of barley in my malt whiskies.

Finish: medium, on the very same notes. A touch of earth in the aftertaste, always welcome.

Comments: a slightly creamier version of the Kilver, which I enjoyed just a touch better. It’s hard to make much better at this age. Well, it’s probably impossible. 

    Wolfburn Gessner

    € 250,00Prijs